August + #KHBookClub is here!

Well hello August! I cannot believe I just typed the word August. Seriously. I feel like it was just Christmas…how can that be!?!?

I swear the older we get, the time just goes by faster and faster, but maybe it feels that way because we all have so much going on and we are constantly trying to navigate through it all. So seriously, I am just happy that you are here, reading this post and wanting to be a part of this bookclub and community. I hope for the month of August we can all challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones and try something new. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It can be as simple as reading this book or trying a new recipe or incorporating a new daily habit. I hope in doing so, you will realize that trying new things or making little changes, they add up and start to make a difference over time.

Therefore I’m SO excited to announce the book to kickoff August and #khbookclub is Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. I can’t think of a better book to start with than this one because let’s face it, we all are trying to figure out how to embrace our beautiful and messy lives. This book will tug at your heart in all the right ways, show you everyone’s journey in life is different and no one’s path is perfect, but it’s about how we step up to the challenge, embrace the messiness and make it beautiful. When I read this book back in May, I was just starting my journey in this new endeavor and I needed to know I wasn’t alone and it was completely normal to have all the craziness that was going on with this new journey. This book had me tearing up by the end and feeling so moved and inspired. I hope it will leave you feeling the same way.

So here is to an exciting new start, stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing this crazy thing called life together!

Below are details on how the bookclub will work + how you can win an Amazon gift card. As always, if you have a suggestion or comment, please let me know by reaching out to me at I would love your thoughts, any book suggestions you may have or how I can make this easier and more enjoyable for you!


How #KHBookClub will work:

  1. Simply read the book 
  2. Post a photo of this month’s book you are reading and share via Instagram or Facebook by tagging @kelseyhargens in your photo along with using the hashtag #khbookclub 
  3. Come back to this post, comment and let me and the other readers know what you thought. (I will be adding some follow up questions and things to think about in the post comment section.)


If you complete the above you will be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card that hopefully you will use towards September’s book of the month! 


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  • I want to just disclaimer this with the fact that I’ve had, probably a bottle of wine, before typing this out. Second, I know Jesus wouldn’t mind because He has a sense of humor. There are so many things to say and so many things that don’t need to be said with this book. As a woman of faith, my own indiscretions, and essentially a past that I am, at times, ashamed of, this book spoke to me. It spoke to me in so many ways I don’t think I can truly explain it. I laughed, I cried, I understood, I took pictures of the pages and shared them with others who needed to see what was written. I do not have children, but many of the things that were said, were things I hope to share with any future children I may have. I saw myself in so many of these stories, that I can’t stop thinking about the book. One of the things that stuck with me the most were the chapters in which she spoke about “namaste”. About faith. About cussing and rap music and the deep end of the pool. Having been raised in a Christian household and taught certain things, seeing her stand up for the parts that didn’t fit, made me smile. The Bible is like a game of telephone, and I too believe that God wants us to love everyone, even the ones who write rap music, because they are sending messages to us. I have talked about this book to my husband, my sister, and shared posts of passages on Facebook. I honestly think I need to read it again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. My sister, who has just recently divorced, asked to borrow it. My heart smiled. I cannot say enough good things about this book. Just when I was about to give up hope on humanity and faith, I read this book. Namaste.