What is Louie thinking…

I have only put Louie in a costume one other time, but last week I got a wild hair and thought, “I’m going to dress up Louie, my goldendoodle as The Cookie Monster for Halloween”.  As many of you know I am always baking and Louie is usually right by my side, either supervising, hoping for a taste test or for me to “accidentally” drop either a chocolate chip or M&M. Yes, I let Louie have a couple of these every time I bake. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!

With that being said, I found a kids zip-up monster cookie jacket. I simply stuck his front legs through the arm holes and zipped up underneath. For future reference, Louie is 30 pounds and I ordered a 4T.

So I put Louie in the costume and set him in front of a plate of monster cookies I had just made and these were the results…

YUP. I literally have no words and I knew Louie’s face said it all. So, I thought it would be fun to do see what y’all could come up with…I know I’ve got a lot of creative followers out there and man did you guys make my day!

So many awesome entries, making this SO hard, but I narrowed it down to my favorite SEVEN and it’s now time for you to pick the winner!

Simply vote below and winner will be announced Friday, November 2 at 10 AM!

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Also, below is a list of ALL the creative captions you all posted yesterday between Facebook and Instagram, if anyone else wants to see what others came up with!

• L is for Louie. C is for cookie. And cookie is for me!

• Mom please stop taking pictures so I can eat these delicious cookies!

• These cookies are much better than IAMS!

• Eating these cookies won’t be ruff at all!

• Cookies? For me? You are the best, Mom!

• Cheeeessee. Ok, can we eat?!

• And that’s howl the cookie crumbles

• The Sesame Street word of the day is: RESTRAINT

• When you’re the cookie monster but mom says you can’t actually eat any of the cookies 🙁

• Poor Louie!!!

• When you tryin’ your best to good for Santa, but then you smell cookies; & the monster in you can’t hide itself any longer!

• No bones about it…me love cookies!!

• “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me” -Louie

• Diet starts Monday

• Turn your back for one second and this photo op is so over!

• Louie, poised and waiting for the whistle to blow in this 3rd annual cookie eating contest.

• Here to steal your girl and your cookies!

• A special dog needing a special treat

• It’ll be fun, they said!


• Mom, can I eat all these cookies yet?? I’ve been a good boy!

We can’t wait to see which caption you choose and thank you all again for participating!

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