Leopard Shoes Elevate Any Outfit

Who says work outfits have to be boring!? Not me! Says the girl who walked into work today with a pair of leopard shoes on while carrying my striped lunch box…you know I’m all about prints and patterns.

Where I am currently working right now, the dress code is business casual, where my previous corporate jobs were business attire. Through both of these work dress codes, you can easily still add in your personal style. So today for work I decided to style one of my classic oversized grey sweaters with a dark pair of jeans and in order to add the edge/uniqueness I was going for…I decided to throw on my fun pair of leopard loafers. By simply adding a statement shoe to this outfit, it completely changed the vibe of the outfit by showcasing my style and love for fun shoes and how you can take a everyday sweater and dress it up. I have always been a huge fan of leopard shoes and think everyone ought to own at least one pair in their lifetime. They are something that you can wear to work but also are fun to add to any outfit if you are hitting the town with friends!

Below I have pulled together a couple of my favorite pairs of leopard shoes. All of these options are perfect for work or to wear out with friends!

Would love to know the dress code is where you work? Do you have to dress up or is everyone more casual? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: kelseyhargens

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