Kelsey Hargens

After 10 years of working as a graphic designer in the corporate world, I am putting myself out there again and going after my dream of inspiring others.  It’s something that has tugged at my heart for many years. Through this new endeavor I hope to help others live a well-rounded, practical life each and every day. I am so excited for you to embark on this journey with me, and I hope you will discover more about (and maybe even surprise) yourself at what you can do!

My Inspirations

I have always looked up to my mom, Grandma Hargens and Aunt Rena. At the core, they have shown me what it means to have a healthy and active routine. My mom taught me how to work hard and be a boss in the kitchen, and my aunt taught me you can never have too much color or see too much of the world. At almost 95 years old Grandma Hargens continues to amaze me with her positive outlook on life and her independent and well-rounded way of living. Each of these women has opened my eyes to different things, and I am proud to be like them in my own way.


Louie the Doodle

Get ready for lots of photos & adventures with this guy! Louie is an eight-year-old miniature goldendoodle who is always by my side.
He enjoys daily walks, playing fetch (literally obsessed), and waiting for mom to drop something while she is baking.

Kelsey's Journey

Kelsey Hargens

Love for Shoes: Age 3

My obsession for shoes began at a very young age and has never stopped. I believe that if you give a girl the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world!

Enters First Coloring Contest: Age 4.5

Color: something I have always loved. I love mixing and matching colors and patterns because they seriously just make me feel alive!

Kelsey Hargens

Bakes First Pie: Age 8

Over the years my mom showed me how baking is fun and a way to express yourself. From the family traditions we have passed down to sharing baked goods with others, it is something that has been instilled in me.

Scrapbooking: Age 13-18

From junior high to high school I was the scrapbooking queen. This was my Instagram before social media. I used scrapbooking as a visual and creative way of showing my life and journey.

Design Degree: 2005-2009

My creativity as a child was validated, leading me to pursue my talents and passion as a designer and attend Iowa State University, receiving a BFA in Graphic Design. Iowa State is also a school and place I am super loyal to and you will always find me cheering for them…Go Cyclones!

Small Town Iowa girl Takes on the City: Summer 2008

I was eager to step outside my comfort zone and experience a new way of living, so I moved to New York City for a summer internship with Diane von Furstenberg and experienced a whole new world. It was a summer that changed and inspired me forever.

Diane von Furstenberg

Studies Abroad in Rome, Italy: Fall 2008

Where my love for travel, unique spaces and architecture became apparent.

Moves to Norman, OK: Spring 2009

I had just graduated college and was ready for the next adventure. I took a position as a graphic designer in college athletics (Boomer Sooner!). Here is where I discovered myself and my love for design, fitness and living a well-rounded life.

Norman, OK

New Addition: June 2010

Brought home a miniature golden doodle named, Louie. From our daily walks to playing fetch to exploring a new area, you will see we are the perfect pair.

New Home: August 2011

Bought my first home in Norman where my love for gardening, family-style dinners and passion for home decor came to life.

House in Norman

Moves to Chapel Hill, NC: April 2016

After living in Norman for seven years it was time to branch out again and further my career. From the great weather to the quaint and charming college town, it seemed to be the perfect fit!

Another New Home: May 2017

After a year of apartment living, it was time to get back to having my own place. At my home in Chapel Hill you will find me fixing up my space, working in the yard, enjoying my front porch, whipping up something in my kitchen and of course spending time with Louie.

Kelsey Home, Chapel Hill


Looking back at my journey, each moment has shaped me into the person I am today. This is why I think it is important to incorporate fun and attainable habits into your daily life. From knowing how to style yourself to finding a balance between eating healthy & treating yourself to knowing how to make anyone feel welcome, I hope you will find comfort and happiness in your day-to-day. My journey isn’t over, and this is just the beginning of Creating the Everyday.

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