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Have No Fear, Fall is HERE!

Fall is officially here and some of us (including myself) are just waiting for those cooler temperatures to arrive and really make it start to feel like fall. Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning and preparing to get this space turned over and ready for the new season. I know that when it is 85 degrees outside it is hard to even start to think about decorating for fall, but I promise those cooler temps are on the way and October is just a few days away. So that means it is time to start thinking about decorating your front door for fall. Whether you live in an apartment or house there are simple, budget friendly things you can do to get ready for the new season. From simply adding a wreath to a planter with flowers, below are some ways to bring a little bit of fall into your space.

Wreath – I’m a sucker for wreaths and no matter what type of door you have, I think they make a huge difference – they add a little bit of charm, character and happiness to your door. I remember my first apartment after college and it was the ugliest beat up black door, but when I simply added a door hanger and attached a wreath, it made quite the impact and definitely made me smile each time I came home. Some wreaths can get pricey, but thankfully there are SO many options out there that are budget friendly and will still give you a very classy and welcoming feeling.

Doormat – Because who doesn’t love walking up to a door and looking down at their feet to read a cute message!?  I promise not only you will love this, but your guests will too. Switching up your doormat is a very inexpensive and fun way to add in the fall spirit. Whether it be a saying or a design, your feet will thank you!

Planter with fall flowers – You don’t need to have a green thumb to add this to option your space. I think mums are a plant that ANYONE can keep alive, they scream fall and come in a variety of color options. Just remember to water! 😉

Add pumpkins and gourds –  You can NEVER, I mean NEVER have too make pumpkins. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 🙂 Whether you decide to go the simple route and just decorate with pumpkins or if you decide to mix them in with your decor, know that there are so many fun and unique pumpkins out there that allow you to layer and have some fun with. This is also a great opportunity to explore and check out a local farmers market or pumpkin patch to find the perfect one(s) for your space!

Below are a few season favorite wreath, doormat and planter options.

Shop wreath favorites here:

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. 

 Shop doormat favorites here:

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.

Shop planter favorites here:

1. / 2. / 3.

I hope you all are excited as I am about fall and switching up your decor. Let me know if I missed anything or if there is anything you would like me to cover as I decorate and switch up my planters and flower beds. I would also LOVE to see how you decorate your space for fall so make sure to share, tag and use the hashtag #creatingtheeveryday so I can see and feature you and your space! Stay tuned for my fall porch reveal…it will be coming soon!

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Preparing For A New Season

New Season. Lots of Cleaning. Who knew both could teach one so much!?

I can tell you two things that are for sure: Front porches are awesome, but man do they collect a lot of bugs and cobwebs and home ownership is such an awesome feeling, but they are a lot of work!

My porch was long overdo for a thorough cleaning and after Hurricane Florence came through, my yard had PLENTY of sticks that needed to be picked up. Today I got after these things and began preparing for fall. Cleaned the windows, wiped down the furniture, dusted the cobwebs off and set all the sticks out on the street…just in time for the garbage truck to come tomorrow!

I know most of you probably do not care at all about how dirty my porch is or showing you that I spent the better half of my day cleaning the space, but there is so much more to it than simply cleaning and working in the yard.

Below are some of the things I thought about as I cleaned today:

1. I want it to be a reminder that as the seasons change – it is a good time to clean out areas, replace any light bulbs, switch air filters, etc. We all get so busy and it is easy to forget these simple things, but we all can remember to use the change of seasons as a reminder to do such tasks.

2. This blog is a space for me to show others what everyday living is all about and if you own a house, you know how much time, work and effort goes into keeping your place clean and put together. I don’t want anyone to ever think that owning a house is just so you can style and decorate it cute…although that is fun! 🙂

3. Helped me get over a few of my fears: bugs and working in dirt. Before owning a house, you couldn’t have paid me to kill a spider or clean up cobwebs, but guess what…when your front porch is covered in them and you’re the only one who lives there – you start to get over your fears real quick and figure out how you are going to take care of it.

4. Keeps you accountable and gives you a sense of pride. Your home/space represents you and what you’re about. I always say that if the space you live in is a mess, it’s hard to not let that feeling carry over into other areas of your life.

5. It shows us what we are capable of. We all are capable of SO much but sometimes we doubt ourselves and say well I could never do x, y, and z, but you never know until you try! You just have to simply start, even when the task seems so daunting.

So today I put on my work gloves, filled up a pail with water and soap, got out my handy dandy long swiffer duster and step stool and got to work!

Below you will see that my porch was indeed very dirty.



After: Windows washed, cobwebs and bugs are gone, furniture wiped down and planter boxes cleaned out and ready for fall flowers. I know I still have my summer flowers, but I just couldn’t rip them up yet…they still looked too pretty and I don’t plan on switching out my flower beds for another week, so I decided to leave them and enjoy for a few more days.

As I cleaned today, I thought about a lot of different things, but most importantly it made me think about how seasons come and go and in order for new things to grow, you have to get rid of the old, dust off the cobwebs and begin to prepare for the new season. It reminds you that you just have to start and not all days are going to be pretty and perfect, but it is the consistency and nurturing throughout the season that over time will add up and you’ll start to see things grow.

So whether your front porch or another area in your life needs a dusting, get to it! I promise you will be glad you did.

Here’s to cleaning out the old and the start of a new season! Excited to see what this fall will bring and I’m excited to take you all on this journey.


Steamer vs. Iron

Over the weekend I worked on some DIY inspiration boards and needed to cover the cork boards with the linen fabric I bought at JoAnns. This fabric needed to be pressed before I began to assemble, so I got out my ironing board and iron and thought it would be fun to ask others on Instagram if they still used an iron. Who knew everyone felt so strongly about ironing and steaming. I loved hearing from many of you on this topic and what you preferred. So I thought it would be fun to do the pros and cons of an iron vs. steamer and why your house should have both! (Hopefully I can convince those who use neither to add at least ONE of these to your household items! ;))

Results from Instagram stories poll

Here’s a look at my favorite products to keep your clothes wrinkle free…

1. Rowenta Steamer

I’ve owned this Rowenta Steamer for a little over four years. I finally caved into buying one after using this exact steamer at a friends wedding where I used and saw how EASY it was to steam all of our clothes. I store mine in my closet and when needed, I plug it in quick (literally takes a minute to warm-up), steam away and off I go. It is SO much easier and faster than dragging out the ironing board and trying to figure out how to iron sleeves, around pockets, buttons, etc. Sometimes you just don’t have time for that. I will say, when it comes to button down shirts, I still prefer an ironed shirt as I just love the crispness of that look, but this steamer is seriously amazing. Since owning it, I have had to take less and less pieces to the dry cleaners and honestly it has just made everyday living more simple and easy. As a female, 90% of the materials we wear, can easily be un-wrinkled with a steamer!

Shop Now →

2. Black+Decker Iron

This Black+Decker Iron is perfect for anyone who needs to add an iron into their life or theirs needs an upgrade! This iron has all the bells and whistles, at a great price (my mom always said you do not need an expensive one) and will last you for many years. Growing up my mom ironed EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING. So I will always be partial to an ironed look and definitely think button-down shirts look the best when ironed, but I totally understand how having to iron something can just seem so daunting. I believe an iron is used for those specific items/events, when you and your look really needs to be crisp!

Shop Now →

3. Rowenta Handheld Steamer

This Handheld Steamer is a new product Rowenta recently came out with and I have seen others post about it, but I actually used one for the first time when I was in Nashville this summer and the Airbnb my friends and I stayed at had one. Talk about the perfect option if you don’t have either a steamer/iron OR if you own an iron and don’t think you would want to store a full-size steamer…THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!  All of us girls who used this steamer, literally LOVED it. It’s compact, easy to use, can be stored anywhere, you can travel with it AND most importantly does the job…what is there not to love!?

Shop Now →

4. If you don’t own an iron or steamer:

  1. Shop for clothes that are wrinkle free.
  2. Drop items off at the dry cleaners (this can obviously get expensive).
  3. Add a damp towel to the dryer with your wrinkled clothes.
  4. Consider buying one or the other, so you at least have something on hand if you do have that blouse or pant that needs to be pressed or simply needs a touch up. IMO there is nothing worse than wrinkled clothes!

As always if you have any questions regarding the above items or want to let me know more on which you prefer, please leave a comment below!

September’s book is here!

I know, I am a few days late with September’s book and I apologize, BUT with Amazon Prime, you can order today and have just in time for the weekend, right?!

Also, thank you to those who reached out to make sure they hadn’t missed this month’s book. I reassured in fact they hadn’t – it was just crazy with the holiday weekend and traveling. With that being said, I am SO excited for this month’s book: Everybody, Always by Bob Goff. If the cover alone doesn’t make your heart happy, just wait until you read all the pages that follow.

After seeing a friend on Instagram post this book in her stories, I knew I had to read it. I had no idea what the book was about, besides the fact that I LOVED the cover and it spoke right to my heart. As soon as I started reading, I seriously could not put it down and ended up reading the entire book in one day. Christian or not, this book is a MUST READ.

Everybody, Always talks about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity or restriction. From finding the right friends to discovering the upside of failure, this book guides the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating and the seemingly impossible.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is: “I don’t think people grow old. I think they just lose their imaginations and end up looking old.” In his chapter “Be.Not.Afraid.” Bob talks about how important it is to find a place that reminds you of yourself and who you’re becoming. He emphasizes on the importance of having a place to go that allows you to reconnect to your imagination, creativity or simply makes you forget about all the other things going on. Gosh, I couldn’t agree with him more! Do you know where this place would be for you?

What Bob writes makes one believe that anything is possible. He includes stories about his own failures and struggles, retelling them in a teachable and relatable way.  I hope you will find this book inspiring and challenging to live out the life you want, even when things and people can be difficult.

I hope you are excited for this month’s read! Can’t wait to hear what you think of this book.

Shop post here:

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Mustard Yellow Obsessed

1. Yellow Bernardo Luna Bow Shooties / 2. Mystic Yellow Tassel Hoop Earrings / 3. Sueded Crossbody Bag / 4. Ani Wine Glass / 5. Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask6. Gold Measuring Spoons / 7. Deep Mustard Patch Pocket Pullover Sweater / 8. Golden A-Line Skirt / 9. Fringe-Trim Lace Top / 10. Ombre Reactive Glaze Mug / 11. Endless Sun Layered Necklace / 12. Mixed Media Pleated Sleeve Tee / 13. You Are a Badass / 14. Medium Hoop Earrings / 15. Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle / 16. Wilder Journal

After doing a fun little poll on Instagram on Thursday night I found out MANY of you are just as excited about one of the must-have colors for fall: mustard yellow. So I thought it would be fun to give you all a few ideas on how there are a variety of ways you can mix this color into your life. Whether mustard yellow is a color for you, I made sure to choose items that come in other color options as well as picking items that you can use in your everyday life. Whether it be a top you can dress up or down to jewelry you can wear with different outfits to something you can enjoy your beverage of choice in to of course some self-care items. I hope you find this guide fun and will see how you can easily add this color into your life!

Below is a list of all the items above:

  1. Yellow Bernardo Luna Bow Shooties – (Comes in 4 other colors: Moss, Light Grey, Purple and Black) These by far are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own in red and was so excited to see they are offering them in more colors for fall. When a pair of shoes are super comfortable, look great on your feet, a statement to any outfit and can wear for years come…they are worth the splurge!
  2. Mystic Yellow Tassel Hoop Earrings – (Comes in 2 other colors: Broccoli Rabe and Peach Blush)
  3. Sueded Crossbody Bag – Love a great crossbody and this is a great option for when you just want a simple and fun way to add color to any outfit!
  4. Ani Wine Glass – (Comes in two other color options: Blue and Pink) Because you can never have too many wine glasses, right?!
  5. Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask – (also available as a pack of 4) I have used this exact mask and loved the results I saw from using it – brighter and overall refreshed complexion. I try to use a mask once a week and have found myself to keep coming back to this one!
  6. Gold Measuring Spoons – (Also comes in gold measuring cups) I mean…doesn’t using gold measuring spoons/cups make baking that much better?
  7. Deep Mustard Patch Pocket Pullover Sweater – (Comes in 3 other colors: Cadmium Green, Bright Ivory, Hthr Rosewater) I know this is going to be one of my go-to sweaters this fall. It is super comfortable, stylish and can be layered over a button down as well. I am wearing a medium in this sweater.
  8. Golden A-Line Skirt – Now this skirt would have your co-workers talking! Such a fun way to add this color into your work wardrobe, but also can be perfect for brunch, day-trip or date-night.
  9. Fringe-Trim Lace Top – (Also comes in navy) A great option for work that can be worn by itself during those hot fall days, but would also look super cute underneath a blazer or denim jacket!
  10. Ombre Reactive Glaze Mug – Comes in charcoal ombre too. Now can’t you see yourself drinking coffee out of this on a Saturday morning?!
  11. Endless Sun Layered Necklace – A statement necklace like this is a great way to add this fun color to any outfit and can easily dress up a simple tee.
  12. Mixed Media Pleated Sleeve Tee – Currently 40% off and comes in navy.
  13. You Are a Badass – There has been lots of hype about this book and finally took the plunge earlier this year and read it. Was sure glad I did! Definitely a read that will get your butt in gear and go after what you want!
  14. Medium Hoop Earrings  –  These are the perfect size if you’re looking for a simple, gold hoop earring that aren’t heavy to wear either.
  15. Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle – If you don’t own a Capri Blue candle…it is time you do! One of the best scents there is!
  16. Wilder Journal – (Comes in a light blue/turquoise color) Whether you journal or need a space to write your to-do list, this is the perfect size and color to have in your purse or on your nightstand.

Let me know if you have tried/used any of the products above or if you have any recent finds that you are currently loving and think others may like to try as well.  I’m always open to trying new products and love hearing/seeing what others are currently using and enjoying. Also, if you liked how this color guide was put together and would love to see it done in another color, leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts and what color you would choose!

Also, please note: Nothing is sponsored in this post, just purely a fun way to share about a color and products I have found, tried and love!

Vacuuming in Five Minutes

I am just going to put this out there but I LOVE to vacuum. Surely, I’m not the only one who loves to do this! There is something so gratifying about seeing any dust, crumbs or dirt go BYE-BYE, but I can’t say that I love dragging out my huge vacuum every time to get rid of something so small. So for my thirty-first birthday I asked for a handle vacuum (this is when you know you are officially an adult! Ha!).  But this handle vacuum has literally been life-changing and is one of the best gifts I received, because I literally use it EVERY DAY. I am wondering how I have spent the last 10 years of my adulthood without it!!?! I can literally fire it up at anytime and get all the “small” things without having to drag out my huge vacuum. Best part about it is it has different attachments: one that lets you get into your small spaces and another that allows you to clean upholstery. I promise you will be SO glad you added this to your cleaning supplies and I know it will make your life SO. MUCH. EASIER.  

Attachment one

Attachment one is perfect to get into all those nooks and crannies in your home, as well as a staircase!


Attachment two

Attachment two is an upholstery attachment that I love to use on any upholstered piece.

Below is a before and after from using it earlier today: 

Today was fun because if you follow on Instragam, I showed you this in my stories and how I took advantage of Louie being away at the groomer and did some deep cleaning!

So I have this blanket on my bed that sheds SO BAD and realized this was the perfect way to show you all how this is just ONE of the many ways I use my handheld vacuum.  I love that you can use it in a variety of ways and with the ease of changing the attachments, it is a breeze to go from vacuuming a couch to a space that is hard to reach in no time.

Below is the exact vacuum I use and it looks like they just released an upgraded model, so I have linked that one as well!

Shop my favorite handheld vacuum here:[show_shopthepost_widget id=”3243809″]


As always, let me know if you have any questions or thoughts…Happy vacuuming! 🙂


Photos by Anna Routh /


August + #KHBookClub is here!

Well hello August! I cannot believe I just typed the word August. Seriously. I feel like it was just Christmas…how can that be!?!?

I swear the older we get, the time just goes by faster and faster, but maybe it feels that way because we all have so much going on and we are constantly trying to navigate through it all. So seriously, I am just happy that you are here, reading this post and wanting to be a part of this bookclub and community. I hope for the month of August we can all challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones and try something new. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It can be as simple as reading this book or trying a new recipe or incorporating a new daily habit. I hope in doing so, you will realize that trying new things or making little changes, they add up and start to make a difference over time.

Therefore I’m SO excited to announce the book to kickoff August and #khbookclub is Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. I can’t think of a better book to start with than this one because let’s face it, we all are trying to figure out how to embrace our beautiful and messy lives. This book will tug at your heart in all the right ways, show you everyone’s journey in life is different and no one’s path is perfect, but it’s about how we step up to the challenge, embrace the messiness and make it beautiful. When I read this book back in May, I was just starting my journey in this new endeavor and I needed to know I wasn’t alone and it was completely normal to have all the craziness that was going on with this new journey. This book had me tearing up by the end and feeling so moved and inspired. I hope it will leave you feeling the same way.

So here is to an exciting new start, stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing this crazy thing called life together!

Below are details on how the bookclub will work + how you can win an Amazon gift card. As always, if you have a suggestion or comment, please let me know by reaching out to me at I would love your thoughts, any book suggestions you may have or how I can make this easier and more enjoyable for you!


How #KHBookClub will work:

  1. Simply read the book 
  2. Post a photo of this month’s book you are reading and share via Instagram or Facebook by tagging @kelseyhargens in your photo along with using the hashtag #khbookclub 
  3. Come back to this post, comment and let me and the other readers know what you thought. (I will be adding some follow up questions and things to think about in the post comment section.)


If you complete the above you will be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card that hopefully you will use towards September’s book of the month! 


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Kick-off to Summer

Now that summer weather has officially started to arrive and those cookouts will soon be happening, I’m excited to share recipes that you can easily make to share with friends. Whether you need a simple salad, a great side dish, a sweet treat or an awesome drink, I’ve got you covered!

Below you will find recipes for each of these items!

An Easy Summer Salad

This bright, fun and yummy salad is perfect as a side for any meal! It is super refreshing and packed with all the healthy goodness. If you are someone that doesn’t like cilantro, you can easily leave it out.  Find the full recipe here. 


The BEST Frozen Margarita

Nothing screams summer like sipping a margarita on the back patio by yourself or with friends. If you add an umbrella, I promise you’ll feel like you’re on the beach. This super simple and tasty margarita, will leave you feeling real good! Find the full recipe here.


The Perfect Baked Beans

No cookout is complete without a side of baked beans. These are guaranteed to be a crowd favorite! Find the full recipe here.


The Ultimate Dessert: Kelsey Bars

And last but not least, you HAVE to have dessert. You might just want to skip everything and go straight to these…I promise you will want to leave room! From the sweetness of the brownie and marshmallow layers to the crunchiness of the peanut butter, chocolate and Rice Krispy top layer, you’ll be in line for seconds, guaranteed! Find the full recipe here.


Whether you’re celebrating this weekend or another time this summer, I hope you will enjoy these recipes. If you make them, let me know how they turned out and if they were guest-approved.

Tag @kelseyhargens on Instagram and hashtag #khsweettreats, #khrecipes or #creatingtheeveryday to be featured!