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Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time to start preparing to switch up our flower beds, planters and possibly even prepare for a garden! One of my favorite things to do is switch up my flower beds in the fall and late spring and plant blooms that I know will last all season long. There is not a better feeling than seeing pretty blooms at any home, right?!

In the fall I always line my flower beds with pansies and they will bloom again in the early spring. Then towards late spring, I switch them out and plant Vinca’s as my summer flower. Both of these are great flowers because they come in SO many colors and require little to no maintenance. Vinca’s are also great, as they can withstand the summer heat. I had them in Oklahoma and now have had them in North Carolina the past two seasons and have NEVER had an issue with them not being able to take the summer heat. Also, anytime I plant new flowers, I fertilize them with Miracle Gro’s Shake ‘n Feed and then try to fertilize again every couple of weeks. This sure helps them grow and produce even more pretty blooms!

When it comes to planting, I think the main thing is finding flowers that work in your spot and you know need little maintenance. Do you have a favorite go-to flower?

So as we prepare for the upcoming season, I am sharing some of my favorite garden essentials that are my go-to items when I am working in my flower beds. I think it is important that everyone owns a pair of gardening gloves, pruning shears and hand gardening tools…I know I would be lost without mine!

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Stay tuned as I switch out my flower beds and clean up my yard after this crazy and wet winter! As always, I love to see what you guys are working on, so make sure to take me @kelseyhargens and share so I can see your pretty blooms too!



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