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I know I don’t have kids, but some of you may or may not know that I have actually been babysitting / nannying every single week, for almost 10 years. While I was living in Oklahoma, I was connected with two of the best families that I was able to help out my entire time living there and now am with a family in Chapel Hill.  Besides babysitting, I am also a proud aunt to Parker (2) and Lydia (3 mo.). Throughout all of these experiences and following many of you who now have kids, I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas as I am always looking each year and wanting the gifts to speak to my creative heart. There is just something about shopping for little kids that makes everything so much cuter, right!?!?

This kid friendly gift guide focuses on my love for kids to explore their creativity through colors, art, shapes, imagination, etc. I also had to share a pair of shoes because well, you know why! #shoeobsessed

So whether you are the fun aunt, friend, grandma, or parent, I hope you find this guide unique and inspiring for that little one in your life!

Below is a list of all the items broken down and my thoughts on each:

  1. Medium Brown Bear Stuffed Animal – One of the softest stuffed animals I have ever held and can just see some little loving it too!
  2. Multi Dot Kids Teepee – Kids love a spot to hide, hang out or read in. This is a great addition to any corner of a room or playroom and allows any kid to use their imagination while using it.
  3. ABC Tow Truck  – Colorful ABC & number blocks wrapped into a truck…perfect for that little boy who loves trucks, colors and learning his ABC’s.
  4. Tool Kit Wooden Construction ToyBecause when they see did working, they want to mimic and help out right?! So when dad is busy fixing or building something, your little one can help too. Also, a great gift to learn different shapes, how a nail works and loosening screws.
  5. Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set (11 pcs) – For that little baker who may want to be like mom or grandma, so while you are baking, they can work on their own set to learn too!
  6. Alpha Block Book – This is a unique cut-out ABC book where each page focuses on the shape and object to go with that letter.
  7. Chunky Alphabet Puzzle – I love puzzles, colors and letters and this is all of that wrapped up into one great learning gift!
  8. Taggies Buddie Dog Soft ToySo I obviously have a soft spot for dogs and I actually gifted this to Parker when he was born and turns out it is his favorite stuffed animal and he must sleep with it every night.
  9. All-American USA Floor Puzzle – Fun for that little bit older kid who is learning where the different states are located. Great puzzles, design and colors.
  10. My ABCs Flash Cards – I am SO excited about these! They are ABC ‘stroller’ cards that are on a ring and allow the kids to learn their ABC’s. These come in a variety of different options, but I just highlighted the ABC option.
  11. Wooden Art Easel – This summer I babysat for a family and the little boy at the time (almost 3) and he had this painting easel. I immediately was like where was this when I was a kid!?! IT WAS AMAZING!  The easel includes both a paint board and chalk board with a roll of paper to draw on and easily tears off. Perfect height for little kids too! Below I break down a few of the items that go with it.
  12. Paint Cups – Come as a set of four and have a small hole so the little ones can get to the paint without making a mess.
  13. Paint Brushes – A great set of medium-tipped paintbrushes that fit perfectly in the paint cups.
  14. Splat Mat – This stylish art mat will catch the paint that doesn’t make it onto their drawing. Can also be used underneath a high chair at mealtime. 
  15. Native Sneakers –  I can’t tell you how many kids I know who have these and are OBSESSED with them. These shoes are designed to be easy for small hands to slip on and off, making it easy for kids and adults helping little ones put their shoes on. They also come in a variety of  colors which I love too!

Need more ideas?

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