Must-Have Lightweight Fall Jackets


You simply cannot get through the fall season without a few staple jackets. This lightweight military jacket from Madewell has seriously been my go-to jacket for the past five years. Yup, you read it correctly…I have had this jacket for five years and I continue to break it out year after year after year and when they continue to make it each year, you know it is one of those staple pieces your closet must-have!

Whether it’s a cool summer night or transitioning from the warmer fall days into the cooler nights, it’s always great to have a lightweight jacket that is cute and can easily be layered over a variety of tops!

I particularly love this green, as it is a neutral color and seems to go with everything, no matter what I wear underneath of it!

So in celebration of one of my favorite fall jackets, I am sharing below two options from Madewell as well as a version from Old Navy that now comes in six other colors and is on SALE. I promise you will be glad you added this jacket to your wardrobe and I guarantee it will be on repeat year after year! 

Shop the jackets HERE

Whether you decide to splurge on the Madewell Jacket or decide to go with the more budget friendly Old Navy jacket, both are amazing options that I know you can wear over and over again. This is a staple piece that you will never get tired of pulling out and mixing and matching with what you have in your closet.

What is another staple piece in your closet you have or would like me to cover? Let me know!


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