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Below you will see how I have used my pom pom maker to make both a pom pom bouquet and garland and I have to say…I’m obsessed!

Below I will show you the the exact tools I use, as well as a step by step tutorial on how you can easily make these!

Materials + Tools

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Pom Pom Maker Tool / Fabric Scissors / Yarn

Step 1:

Using your pom pom maker, open up one of the sides and wrap with yarn. Wrap until completely covered and have gone over each other 3-4 times. I like my pom poms to be extra full, so I wrap a pretty good amount. Once the one side is done, close and open up the other side and wrap again.

Once both sides are wrapped, close and cut yarn off from spool. Once this is complete, your pom pom maker should look like the image below.

Step 2:

Using your fabric scissors, cut along the middle of the pom pom maker on BOTH sides. There is a groove that will guide you along.

Step 3:

After you have cut both sides, you will see your pom pom maker is now ‘open’ in the middle, allowing you to connect the two sides. Using a small piece of yarn, you will wrap around the middle and tie a tight knot. After this is done, your pom pom is connected and you then can open up both sides and pull the middle out..leaving you with a pom pom!

Step 4:

Trim off excess strings and shape as you would like.

Step 5:

Repeat until you have has many pom poms as your project needs and then assemble accordingly to your project. If you are making a bouquet hot glue to the end of your floral stem and if making garland, simply slide onto a piece of rope, string, fishing line, etc.

Have I convinced you to try this out!? Just in case I haven’t, below I’m sharing a few more pom pom ideas, that will hopefully make you say, YES! I have have got to try this!

More inspiration:

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Hopefully you are now ready to hop on the pom pom bandwagon and create something fun for you and your space or party! Please let me know if you have any questions and as always, I would LOVE to see how you have used your pom pom maker…so make sure to tag me on social media @kelseyhargens and use the hashtag #kelsified



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