The Ultimate Dessert: Kelsey BarsI probably don’t need to tell you this, but these are really delicious. Like really really freaking good. I always say, they are LITERALLY HEAVEN in a bite!
Easy Summer SaladWho else loves a great and easy summer salad, especially when it looks like this? Do you see all those COLORS!? It is simple, tasty and PERFECT for that summer cookout to share with friends. You can serve by itself or grab a chip and scoop away. Another great thing about this recipe, is you can meal prep it on Sunday and store in the fridge to eat throughout the week. Add it to your summer salad lists to try, I promise you will be glad you did! 
Monster CookiesWe all need that go-to cookie recipe that we know is super easy to make, fail proof and last but not least full of PURE YUMMINESS. And this you guys, I am telling you, is that cookie! Peanut butter + chocolate chips + M&M's...need I say more!?! Hands down this is one of my favorite, go-to cookie recipes and if you have followed me for some time you seriously know that I make them ALL.THE.TIME. Best part about them is you can make them for any season and just switch up the M&M's with their holiday package! Below you will find the recipe, as well as step-by-step photos on how I make my monster cookies and the trick to making them look extra pretty! So next time you need an easy and guaranteed crowd pleaser cookie, I promise this recipe is it!
The BEST Frozen MargaritaNothing screams summer like sipping a margarita on the back patio by yourself or with friends. If you add an umbrella, I promise you'll feel like you're on the beach. This super simple and tasty margarita, will leave you feeling real good!
Tater Tot CasseroleHands down this is one of my FAVORITE childhood recipes and to this day I love making this, having friends over and sharing that feel-good meal with one another. Growing up as a kid we ate dinner as a family every night around the dinner table, typically with Home Improvement on in the background...anyone else?! Still to this day, when I eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, I will typically always still sit at my kitchen table to enjoy my meal. Over the years I have realized how this tradition has slowly been lost because lets face it families are busy and making meals to please everyone can be challenging and time consuming! I'm hoping that through my around-the-table dinner ideas, I will inspire you to make a meal for your family or to invite friends over to enjoy together. I believe that things don't have to be fancy and as long as the the food is yummy and brings people together that is all that matters!
Homemade Vanilla FrostingIf you have never made homemade frosting before, you must try it sometime soon. There is nothing that compares to a great icing!  For years I have seen my mom and Grandma Hargens make this for a variety of different recipes, but we particularly always use it on our families homemade cinnamon rolls.  Below you will find the recipe, ingredients and step-by-step directions. So that next time your looking for a simple and tasty icing to top cupcakes, cherry bars, OR cinnamon rolls with, this recipe is it! 
Perfect Baked BeansWhen someone says they are having a cookout and they need baked beans, I am the first to say I WILL BRING THEM. This super simple and basic baked bean dish will be a game changer for you and I promise you will never want them any other way again! Serve it for any occasion as a side dish or take to a cookout to share with your friends. Either way I promise whoever you serve it to, will love you for it!
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