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Over the weekend I worked on some DIY inspiration boards and needed to cover the cork boards with the linen fabric I bought at JoAnns. This fabric needed to be pressed before I began to assemble, so I got out my ironing board and iron and thought it would be fun to ask others on Instagram if they still used an iron. Who knew everyone felt so strongly about ironing and steaming. I loved hearing from many of you on this topic and what you preferred. So I thought it would be fun to do the pros and cons of an iron vs. steamer and why your house should have both! (Hopefully I can convince those who use neither to add at least ONE of these to your household items! ;))

Results from Instagram stories poll

Here’s a look at my favorite products to keep your clothes wrinkle free…

1. Rowenta Steamer

I’ve owned this Rowenta Steamer for a little over four years. I finally caved into buying one after using this exact steamer at a friends wedding where I used and saw how EASY it was to steam all of our clothes. I store mine in my closet and when needed, I plug it in quick (literally takes a minute to warm-up), steam away and off I go. It is SO much easier and faster than dragging out the ironing board and trying to figure out how to iron sleeves, around pockets, buttons, etc. Sometimes you just don’t have time for that. I will say, when it comes to button down shirts, I still prefer an ironed shirt as I just love the crispness of that look, but this steamer is seriously amazing. Since owning it, I have had to take less and less pieces to the dry cleaners and honestly it has just made everyday living more simple and easy. As a female, 90% of the materials we wear, can easily be un-wrinkled with a steamer!

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2. Black+Decker Iron

This Black+Decker Iron is perfect for anyone who needs to add an iron into their life or theirs needs an upgrade! This iron has all the bells and whistles, at a great price (my mom always said you do not need an expensive one) and will last you for many years. Growing up my mom ironed EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING. So I will always be partial to an ironed look and definitely think button-down shirts look the best when ironed, but I totally understand how having to iron something can just seem so daunting. I believe an iron is used for those specific items/events, when you and your look really needs to be crisp!

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3. Rowenta Handheld Steamer

This Handheld Steamer is a new product Rowenta recently came out with and I have seen others post about it, but I actually used one for the first time when I was in Nashville this summer and the Airbnb my friends and I stayed at had one. Talk about the perfect option if you don’t have either a steamer/iron OR if you own an iron and don’t think you would want to store a full-size steamer…THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!  All of us girls who used this steamer, literally LOVED it. It’s compact, easy to use, can be stored anywhere, you can travel with it AND most importantly does the job…what is there not to love!?

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4. If you don’t own an iron or steamer:

  1. Shop for clothes that are wrinkle free.
  2. Drop items off at the dry cleaners (this can obviously get expensive).
  3. Add a damp towel to the dryer with your wrinkled clothes.
  4. Consider buying one or the other, so you at least have something on hand if you do have that blouse or pant that needs to be pressed or simply needs a touch up. IMO there is nothing worse than wrinkled clothes!

As always if you have any questions regarding the above items or want to let me know more on which you prefer, please leave a comment below!



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