Styling For The Holidays – Part One: Wreaths


There are fewer things I love more than a great wreath, switching up my door decor and decorating the porch for the different holidays. I don’t know how this became such an obsession of mine, but I have always had a love for doors and a front entry that makes you feel so welcomed and give off a homey/cozy vibe. I believe it truly sets the tone to your home and guests. Therefore I believe everyone should have some type of welcoming door and I’m going to show you how you can simply style up your front door in a three part series from picking out a wreath, to pairing it with a doormat to adding special touches to bring it all together!

So to kick things off, we are going to start with wreaths and how you can easily add them to your door or to a spot inside your home.

Step 1: Picking out a wreath

Whether you would like to style your front door, outside windows or a window/mirror inside, a wreath is a great option to add a special touch to your space. Depending on where you choose to hang a wreath there are a couple of things to consider.

1. If you are wanting to hang a wreath on your door, you are going to want a wreath that is between 24-30″.  I tend to like my wreaths larger as they fill out the space and from the road they can be seen and you can guarantee others will be thinking/saying as they approach your door “ahhhhh, this place is so charming!”. 🙂 If you plan on adding a wreath to a window/mirror inside your home, I would choose a wreath that is 18″ or smaller. This size provides a smaller impact and won’t make your windows / space feel overcrowded.

2. Live or Faux? You can do either or both. Just remember that if you decide to do a live wreath there may be some care maintenance you would have to do depending on the climate you live in.  I typically always do a faux wreath on my front door, but they make some beautiful live wreaths…one year I may just have to try one. You can also go to a local tree stand and pick out a simple and fresh green wreath. I did this last year and hung them on the inside of my home windows. This was a fun way to support a local business, add a little touch to my space and give off that great tree smell! I did have to spray them with water once a week to keep them fresh.

Below are some of my favorite real/live/mini wreaths.

Faux Wreaths: 12 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Live Wreaths: 1 / 2 / 3

Mini Wreaths: 1 / 2 / 3


Step 2: Display your Wreath

Whether you decide to hang a wreath on your door or inside your home, it is a simple thing to do! For your door you simply need a door hanger and for inside your home you can choose any ribbon you would like, string through your wreath, cut to length you desire and tie a knot at the top. You would then simply attached to a small nail or use a 3M hook that you have applied to hang your wreath from! You can also set a smaller wreath on your table and place a candle in the middle.


Step 3: Time to decorate 

With the tips from above it is time for you to take and apply them to your space, whether that be your front door, a window, mirror, fireplace or table/island! Get creative with it and decorate your space how it best fits you. Below I am sharing a few inspiration photos to get your creative wheels turning. 🙂

Step 4: Share your space! 

I would love to see how you have added a wreath into your home and decor! Simply share it on social media and tag @kelseyhargens or use the hashtag #kelsified for a chance to be featured.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we will be adding in a doormat.




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