Wallpaper Can Make A Room

It’s no secret that I love color and patterns and I am definitely one that is not afraid to mix them!

You’ll learn to realize that I love wallpaper, would add it to almost every room and I’m seriously going to convince you to want to add it to your space. Now, before you go and judge, I know that wallpaper can get a bad rap, but used in the right way, it is an amazing way to transform a any room in your home. It can provide patterns and style that will create a major impact to your room, that pain would never be able to do. Not all wallpaper needs to be bold and in your face, but can be simple grasscloth covering. Grasscloth comes in a variety of color palettes, but adds a unique and striking texture to any wall in your home by using grasses and fibers.

Below you will see how I transformed my entryway with the use of patterned wallpaper.  Before I moved into my home, I knew the house needed to be brightened, as everything was very dark and dated…this girl needs some light!!! My entryway was the first thing I tackled, as it sets the tone for the rest of my home.  A year later, this space is finally coming together and the wallpaper sure makes me smile every day!



Have you ever used wallpaper in a room in your home or are you WAY too scared too? I would love to hear your thoughts if you did or why you would never. I will be doing another post soon about wallpaper, some of my favorites and how you can easily update a space using it…stay tuned!


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